Art is an industry that generates billions of dollars each year that inspires and enhances the human experience. With over a decade of experience working with global companies, urban designers, and artistic visionaries, TFA offers a wide range of consulting services in the arts and cultural industries.



In the recent decades the proliferation of large-scale murals across the globe has made it clear that public is becoming a prominent voice in the 21st century cultural landscape. In 2012 armed with the slogan, “Commerce Creates ART Creates Commerce,” TFA launched The Walls Project as a collective of artists, business leaders, and community volunteers dedicated to stimulating the creative arts economy here in Louisiana.  With an initial fundraising goal of $25,000 to paint several murals in Downtown Baton Rouge has grown the past two years into statewide arts movement. With over $200,000 raised, and seventeen installations completed thus far   thousands of Walls volunteers, artists and donors are making a difference in their communities.  By delivering public artworks that inspire urban and rural beautification, dialogue, and unity The Walls Project  is enhancing Louisiana’s creative economy.  By cultivating key strategic partnerships with corporate sponsors such as Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, DOW Chemical, PPG and Sherwin Williams Paint, The Walls is creating jobs for local artists, paint vendors, constractors, equipment rental companies, lawyers, insurance agents, and even local restaurants near our murals.  This is real grassroots economic development lead by the arts.

Case Study : The Walls Project #1The Walls Project #2 : The Walls Project #3



The Futures Fund is a workforce development program designed with the mission to create digital, literary, visual, and performing arts-based entrepreneurial opportunities for youth 12-18 years old. It provides students with training in the arts under the guidance of paid professionals and volunteers with industry-specific expertise. Our Saturday training programs are research-driven, and based on best practices to prepare creative-minded youth for revenue-generating opportunities in their selected arts discipline. Youth who enroll in the program are expected to attend every class for the eight-week program and participate in a final showcase to demonstrate their learning. Promo video:

Case Study : The Futures Fund



The principle of creative placemaking is to combine the arts and culture of a region’s economic community to create jobs.  The Force Agency has been at the forefront of this movement here in Louisiana with our partners at NuNu.  TFA works to create platforms for ideas focused on the incorporation of arts, crafts, and folk life traditions into the local economy.  Through the use of environment, sustainable design and cultural advocacy TFA works with local communities to amplify their sense of place to spur economic growth. “Creative Placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, Improves local business viability public and safety, and Brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired. ” – NEA’s Mayors’ Institute on City Design, Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus.

Case Study : Louisiane-France Cultural Exchange



The Force Agency offers a team of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals with relationships to artists and institutions across the state of Louisiana. From nonprofit artist co-ops to internationally renown galleries , our consultants are entrenched in Louisiana art and are passionate about empowering businesses through art. TFA does more than help find artwork to fill a space, we guide clients towards developing a meaningful art program that is cohesive, professional, and tells a story. Art is about communication, and our strategic partners at Ann Connelly Fine Art and the Baton Rouge Gallery are equally driven to implement art programs that communicate a strong identity and connection with the people, landscape, and culture of Louisiana.

Case Study : Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce



With nearly twenty years of live music experience, the TFA team will review every aspect of your live music operations through a three step process: Discover, Define, and Deliver.  We evaluate your existing band booking protocols, sound and light production, stage design, ticketing platform, and current sponsorship and marketing strategy. After the review phase TFA will define a list of recommendations, and work with your organization to implement solutions to make your music venue more profitable.  The goals are to sell more tickets, increase bar sales, and create new in-house and digital revenue streams.

Case Study : Tipitina’s + Viper Room + The Mint



Every so often there comes an artist that breaks all the rules, including our own as we were phasing out our artist management services.  David Williams’ talent and relentless drive is beyond compare. “The medium of printmaking and specifically the versatility of the monotype largely impact my process of making. The process is inherently hands on, but also has aspects of removal, which fosters a blossom to my image making. Although there are recurring formal concerns and subject matter, attempting to push my own understanding of constructs of process methodology, surface, composition and necessity in image are always at play. My images are a conglomeration of desolate contemplation and uneasy transcendence. Darkness would not exist if it were not for light.”  – David Williams

Case Study : David Williams