By harnessing the power of the arts and our network of global partnerships and resources, TFA can help you build an authentic engagement platform for people to engage and support your organization. TFA helps your organization build cultural competence to work in the community by utilizing the guiding principles of ‘Entrepreneurial Activism.’ TFA offers consulting services to help activate your organization’s impact in the community and accomplish your mission.


∇  Community Planning & Reactivation

Better Block BR, a project of the FutureBR Implementation Team, hosted by the Mayor’s office of the City of Baton Rouge – Parish of East Baton Rouge, Center for Planning Excellence, and Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, was a demonstration project for historic Government Street on April 13, 2013. TFA helped spearhead creating an art-inspired urban Pop-Up business park with PODS storage containers.  By exploring possibilities for transforming the corridor into a vibrant and safe destination for pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining quality road design that optimizes traffic flow and access to businesses, this grassroots effort has lead to the implementation of a “Safe-Streets” strategy to begin construction at the end of 2014.



 Social Justice Initiatives

The Dialogue on Race Louisiana Association (DOR) brings together organizations and individuals already working to end the racial divide in order to maximize their collective efforts. DOR is an educational movement focused on the elimination of racism. The six-session, once a week series is facilitated by a bi-racial team and provides a structured conversation that enables participants to have a safe, open, and honest dialogue around race. This ultimately leads to greater understanding and positive action. The time is now for transforming the image of Louisiana from being a racially divided community to becoming a city known for being open and non exploitive.

Case Study : Dialogue On Race Louisiana


∇  Policy Reform

Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana (SMPL) is a non-profit coalition with the mission of serving as the leading voice for networking Louisiana’s cannabis legalization efforts. SMPL is committed to progressive drug law reform and unlocking the economic potential of cannabis products in Louisiana in a socially and environmentally conscious manner by advocacy, education, and encouraging the responsible production and use of cannabis products in the emerging national cannabis economy.

Case Study : SMPL