The Force Agency is a brand strategy group for global brands, small businesses, art organizations, and live music venues. Founded in Los Angeles, CA with a focus in the entertainment industry The Force relocated operations to Louisiana in 2011 to be a part of the burgeoning cultural, and entrepreneurial industries.  Additionally, the Force expanded the scope of their branding services to the real estate development, and city planning sectors as well as producing a large-scale public art.



TFA founder, Casey Phillips, is a Louisiana native and graduate of Loyola University with degrees in English Writing and Marketing. Since 1997Phillips has been an entrepreneur as a concert promoter and public relations specialist in the entertainment industry across the country. In 2005, post-Katrina, Phillips re-located to Los Angeles to launch The Force Agency, specializing in live music, launching technology platforms, and branding for commercial real estate developments. A proponent of creative placemaking and the principles of smart growth, Phillips utilizes his experience in the arts and real estate to help transform the physical, and social landscape of communities across the South. CurrentlyPhillips serves as the Executive Director for the non-profit, public art organization, The Walls Project, founded in 2012. Through an approach termed “Entrepreneurial Activism” Phillips enables highly motivated individuals and community organizations to be catalysts for cultural and social change (TEDxLSU).  A proponent of creative placemaking and the principles of smart growth in city planning Phillips utilizes his experience in the arts and activism to help transform the physical and social landscape of the urban and rural South.


Luke St. John McKnight is responsible for the management of multiple programs under The Walls Project as well as Force Agency branding partners.  Additionally, McKnight is a professional artist and cultural event curator specializing in vivid vibes, and monumental moments.





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